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We will dedicate a customer service staff to you who will thoroughly understand your brand identity and ensure everything we produce for you is streamlined to meet your needs. Register an account with our website to get started

Our Services


1. Guide you through the product design and approval process

2. Securely store your products

3. Process your orders

4. Advise you on delivery schedules 


Sign Up

Start by creating a user account (if you do not yet have one) by clicking on the "Register" button on the top right hand corner of this page. This process takes about 30 seconds to complete and is completely free.

Submit a Design

Once logged in; select the link that says "Submit Design". This will bring you to our product quotation system where you may individually submit new jewelry designs for quotation.

Order a Sample

Once a product has been reviewed, you may proceed to order the sample for production by clicking on the Place Order button.

Production Quotation

Initially when you create a new jewelry design, it will include either design services, development fees, or both. Once we have completed the sample, these fees will be removed, the quotation will be updated, and the product status will be updated to "Production".

Production Order

Production orders can be entered by updated quantities in the system just as you would order anything online, or our system also allows for users to upload orders via excel sheets and review them before checking them out.

Order Tracking

Through your user account, you will be able to view both current and past orders. Your order status will also be periodically be updated by our staff so that you monitor live your order progress. Expected delivery dates will also appear usually within 24 hours of receiving payment for an order.